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Invincible01 reviews Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 -- Fusion (X360)

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Invincible01 said...

Decent game but too linear in its play. You can see enemies coming from a stream and you can strike them but you cannot go there to intercept them if you are a melee type. In other words, there is a path and you are stuck on that path. MUA 1 was much better about letting you explore a bit. In addition the game was too short.

Game Traits applied to Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 -- Fusion (X360) by Invincible01

  • The Setting:
    Marvel Universe
  • Playing As:
    Marvel Super Heroes
  • Playing Against:
    Marvel Characters
  • How it's Played:
    4 player co-op
  • General Tone:
    Fast-paced, Comic Book
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 -- Fusion

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 -- Fusion (X360)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 15/SEP/09
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I didn't like Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2. But for completely different reasons. It felt as if I was not getting a complete package. Only one alternative costume per character? Cut-scenes with only in-game assets? An incredibly confusing medals system with a terrible management system? Incredibly boring environments? A completely butchered take on the Civil War storyline?

Argh. If I wasn't such a scorewhore and comic buff, I wouldn't carry on playing this game.
I had forgotten the horrible costume perks.....Red Hulk...come on. I also agree with you about the Medal System......trying to sort out what they do and what works best with who was almost an entire (and very aggravating) mini-game unto itself.

As for the story....I'm afraid I found it more believable, compelling and better written than the published version.
Oh my goodness. HOw can you say that? Do you not know that comic book geeks will take criticism like this way, way, waaaaayyyyy too seriously? I am going to take a deep breath and try and examine your incredible statement.

The videogame treatment of Civil War is more believable, compelling and better written than the published version?

I'm sorry, but that brings out the nerd rage in me. Granted, the more obvious connection between the secret war and Civil War is probably better explained in the game. But even for a person like me, who has practically been reared on comic book logic, those AI nanites are beyond preposterous.

If you will continue with the assertion that videogame Civil War is better than comic book Civil War, I shall campaign to have you removed from gamerDNA.
(Just to be on the safe side, I have noticed that there is a huge difference between US and UK humour. The last sentence is just gentle ribbing.)
Three words.....

Cyborg Thunder God

Deities in the Marvel Universe from every Pantheon should have shown up and wiped humanity off of the face of the Earth because of the temerity to Clone and then Cyborg a God.

"They did what...to who? I never liked that guy but those monkeys have gone too far.....cloning a GOD. Has anyone seen my battle toga?'


That was..., probably the killer argument. I am still a little perplexed how that worked, why they even bothered to clone Thor and why that didn't have far-reaching consequences at the time. Or since. But in order for my argument to stand up, we shall ignore that fairly small part of the Civil War. There were different reasons I would accept for pointing out that Civil War was just one massive brain fart.

Like Captain America actually fighting AGAINST the US government. That is the one thing that even now, years after the event. After Cap died and has come back, it still makes no sense.

But I am waffling. Comic CW > Videogame CW. End of story.
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